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Together we translate your life purpose through our coaching into strategic planning that promotes personal growth and fulfilment. We dive deeper into the gap between your current actions and your goals to create the change of perspective that will transform your thinking, actions and ultimately your life.

Our coaching products are based on the following elements:

Life Purpose

You have a very personal purpose in life. An individual treasure of knowledge that you can use to help yourself and other people. This gives you a clear direction and the certainty to do the right thing with your life. This goes hand in hand with a feeling of fulfillment and self-esteem, the reduction of your ego, a stronger power from within, higher independence and emotional stability. In short: New energy!


Your purpose as direction provides the foundation for your personal, strategic life plan. A plan that takes you out of your comfort zone by prioritizing, time management and tactical goal setting far beyond your usual limits. You create new habits and with it the freedom and clarity in your head, which give you room for holistic growth. Through strategic planning success becomes sustainable.

Our Products

Personal Coaching Program

Get access to your personal coach, any time. For people who have big goals and are willing to work hard for them. 


Online Course

The best way to learn our method in 100% personal responsibility and take powerful first steps.



Provide a large audience with a quick overview of the benefits of a life with meaning and strategic planning.



Very suitable for groups of up to 20 people, to discover their purpose in one day and create a complete annual plan.


About me

When I realized my life purpose in 2010 and started to plan strategically, my life began for the second time. In the past, my orientation was characterized by an over-emphasis on material success and thus also on impulsive, self-centered action and thinking. Out of a constant restlessness, anxiety and dissatisfaction I developed self-damaging patterns of behaviour which brought me to the abyss.


Frank is a very authentic coach due to his own experiences in life and he always asks the right questions. I really love discovering my own purpose in life and Frank guides me perfectly through this process.

Martin Odenkirchen

Entrepreneur | Sailor | Co-Founder & Captain of

To describe it briefly I would state the whole process as a “life-transforming experience”. Frank is an extremely good listener and knows how to ask the right questions.

Maximilian Fleitmann

Co-Founder & CIO bei StudyHelp GmbH

In only 90 minutes Frank’s attentive listening laid bare an inner essence that I had put on ice for quite a while. His impactful questions at the perfect moments gently, yet firmly guided me back to my true vocation.

Ruth Wiesenfeld

Assistance to the management at DCM - Film & Startups

Whenever I think I’ve got it.. he shows me where I am and where I could be! He has this gift in challenging you and tackling the difficult stuff that you might want to skip ahead. He does it with kindness but assertiveness.

Amelie Mongrain

Co-Founder at FashionEx Shanghai, Founder & MD at Meibo Garment

During our workshops, Frank’s sharing from his own experience allows the team to be vulnerable, too, creating a safe space in which deep conversations for connecting and progress can take place.

Christian Bogatu

CEO at Fresh Energy, Venture Partner at Idinvest, Co-Founder & Advisor at KIWI

Frank’s skills in listening, coaching and asking the right questions have helped me identify common themes in my life, which later led to my purpose / mission / values. Even in group sessions Frank was able to distill learnings that were relatable and beneficial to everyone.

George Treeanekvaanich

Retail and E-commerce

Performance beyond Limits

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