When I realized my purpose in life in 2010 and started to plan strategically, my life began for the second time. In the past, my orientation was characterized by an overestimation of material success and thus also by impulsive, self-centered action and thinking. Out of a constant restlessness, anxiety and dissatisfaction I developed self-damaging patterns of behaviour which brought me to the abyss.

My found meaning in life, “to enable growth” led me to a change of focus on the health and development of myself and others. Contentment and basic trust allow me emotional stability, self-acceptance and emphatic, loving relationships. Taking 100% responsibility for my life, acting purposefully and keeping the focus on how I can help other people has not only resulted in a higher quality of life, but also greater professional success. I find it fulfilling to bundle and pass on my purpose in life and my experience in coaching.

I draw from my own rich treasure of knowledge, which has arisen from challenges in multiple entrepreneurship in China. For more than a decade I have dedicated my life to personal and team development with the goal of growing more and more meaningfully and thus achieving higher performance. While I built up my award-winning vegan restaurant chain and successfully completed several Ironman triathlons, my success is based on many years of disciplined practice of mindfulness and holistic well-being.

Since the beginning of my work as a coach in over 5000 coaching hours for clients from China, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Canada, India and the USA, I have specialized in working with founders and their teams in start-ups and medium-sized companies.

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