Personal Coaching Program for fulfilment

In this advanced personal coaching model, you enable yourself to achieve the set goals in your company and life and reach your fulfilment. We implement a monthly framework for a successful 1/1 coaching that lasts at least one year and .

In the first month we work out your personal, strategic plan based on your purpose in life and then I accompany you in achieving your goals.

In order to optimize the value of the time spent together, the following areas will be addressed in monthly meetings together or “on call” at any time as needed. To maximize the value of a coaching relationship, the ability to connect and talk things through at any time, whether it’s just a quick phone call, a text exchange or planning a longer interlude, is highly effective, whatever comes your way. For my clients this is one of the top benefits of staying focused, free and clear. We are partners on your way to your goal and to your fulfilment.

The topics we work on during the personal coaching are:


New ideas

A new initiative, an agenda for a team meeting, new goals, etc.

Looking ahead to the coming weeks and months, we’ll look at what you want to do, what would make a meaningful difference to the company, or we’ll talk about the things you already have (set in motion) and how you can keep up the momentum.

Financial results and outcomes

Specific, measurable, tangible results that you want to achieve

Progress: We look at what is achieved, what works, what is good for you and how you can continue to use it.
Breakdowns/suggestions: We find out where you are stuck, what is missing or what is going slow and where a breakthrough is necessary.

Leadership-based results

Commitment, clarity, alignment, awareness, etc.

We will talk about how you manage the company and your employees, how you can approach others and how you can increase your commitment, presence and effectiveness. Communication is central to this and we use two of the most powerful psychological methods: Transactional Analysis and Nonviolent Communication.


Have strong relationships with high “degrees of freedom” and trust in each other

We consider the quality of your relationships with employees, partners and customers. Do you feel connected, free and are the relationships in a solid place? This is a critical area because the business impact of strong relationships is speed.

Trials and tribulations

Frustrations, regrets and disappointments: This is not about complaining; this is about getting rid of the stuff that can occupy the mental shelf and where you are using energy that can be better used elsewhere.

Things that hinder you, things that make you feel uncomfortable or that you tolerate and that shouldn’t be are the focus here.

Your body and your balance

Has a positive effect, self-confidence, better mood and outlook, etc.

We focus on nutrition, fitness, energy management, sleep, family time – the things that really matter to keep you in shape and maximize your energy.


This is not intended to be an “all-inclusive” list that is checked off every time we meet. You may have one or two things you want to focus on, especially in those areas where it would be really important to get a new result. Everything is tailored to you and what you want to achieve and that is the biggest priority.

Write to us if you have any questions or

you are interested in working with us.

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