Life purpose Workshop

Find your lief purpose with this workshop and strategically align your life around it – all in just one day.

However, with a few hours of preparation in peace and quiet and a personal, two-hour coaching session prior for each participant – individually.

The workshop, which is designed for a maximum of 20 participants, offers optimal conditions to dive deeper into the topics that move us all. While I am coaching with one participant in this “forum”, the others have the wonderful opportunity to reflect and use the topics for themselves without feeling directly addressed. This creates true aha-moments, new perspectives come to light and positive change often comes naturally.

These new insights enable a far greater reorientation for our lives, which we can then immediately implement in the Personal Strategic Plan. This creates new possibilities, which let us approach our future powerfully and full of inspiration.

At the end of the day you have a life ahead of you that you really want to live, in the here and now. You know what you will achieve this year, how you will do it and how you can measure your success. And since all your actions are aligned with your meaning of life, you have an energy at your disposal that is second to none.

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