“The two most important days in life are the day
when you’re born, and the day
to find out why.”
Mark Twain

This keynote about fulfilment may not be for everyone. I’m telling from my life, about what really happened. Starting with childhood trauma as the root of my addiction, eating disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction.

My story begins in Munich in Bavaria and is set mainly in Shanghai, starting around the turn of the millennium. It is about my glorious rise to become a large-scale gastronomer up to the reception of the German Federal President and at the same time about the manic growth of my ego, the downfall of my companies and thus the cruel breaking of my ego-identity.

But God had other plans and gave me a second chance. I found help in support groups, and soon I was helping others live clean. I found fulfillment in this, and for over 10 years I have made personal growth my calling. Life took on a whole new meaning for me, and my self-image today has little to do with my former self.

I found fulfilment, gratitude, connection, trust and love. Today I am active worldwide to help people find their purpose in life and to orientate their lives in such a way that they find the fulfilment that is so close and yet so far away from all of us.

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